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As promised here are the pictures of the Canadian Flag blanket I did for my step-son.

I thought he would sleep with the blanket but for some reason he decided to hang it on his wall. I added a ten stitch/row black boarder to the patter, his choice lol.

This is a very simple pattern, at least compared to most of my patterns. The only major problem that I ran into with it, other than my ferret eating it, was because the pattern was so simple I kept losing stitches.

I’m bad….I hate counting every row so I only count like twice a page…which is every 23 rows for this blanket. I had a real problem with dropping stitches. But I cheat, I “fixed” the row so I could pick the stitches back up without tearing the blanket out.

You can find the pattern for this blanket here. I think this pattern would be good for a beginner to the Tunisian/afghan stitch. Oh and I have included the product picture so you can see how close the blanket comes out to the pattern picture.

Canadian flag 197×295