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Canadian Flag 2

Canadian Flag Blanket Pictures

As promised here are the pictures of the Canadian Flag blanket I did for my step-son. I thought he would sleep with the blanket but for some reason he decided to hang it on his wall. I added a ten stitch/row black boarder to the patter, his choice lol. This is a very simple pattern, […]

Pink Tweety One

First Tunisian Blankets

First Tunisian Blankets that I made. The purple Tweety was the first picture blanket I made. I did it in panels because I didn’t have an extended hook yet. Pink Tweety was the second I made and I did it with an extended hook so I could do the entire blanket at once. I fell […]


Airplane with musical Notes Blanket

Airplane with musical Notes Blanket         Airplane with musical notes is the blanket that I just completed about a week ago for another of my son’s. He loves planes and wants to learn to fly, which is why I created this pattern for him. The musical notes are because he likes music […]

Dolphin Blanket 1

Dolphin Blanket Pictures

Dolphin Blanket: This is the dolphin blanket that I made for one of my son’s, both the pattern picture and what the blanket actually looks like. The thing that I love about the Tunisian simple stitch is how complex and beautiful your creations come out. I’m always amazed at how well the blankets come out, […]