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In Progress Angle Tweety 1

Angel Tweety Blanket Progress

I have started the large angel tweety blanket a few weeks ago…when I finished the Canadian Flag blanket. Baby decided to join the party, my little dog. I’m doing the larger pattern, because I plan on using it on my queen sized bed when I complete it. This is the most complex picture blanket I […]

Blue Rags

Testing Stitch Patterns

I love cotton yarn wash rags. I didn’t discover that until I quit smoking over a year ago. LOL the way that I quit smoking was by keeping my hands busy crochet. One thing I didn’t know is they get old and no longer scrub as well as they start out. That’s the reason I […]

Blue Dress Back 3

Dress WIP Update with pictures

Well I have now torn out the purple dress for about the 5th time….it’s amazing how even though I have been crocheting for almost 35 years, when it comes to creating clothes I’m a total novice again. When I compared the purple dress to the blue and realized how badly I was off on my […]

My First Attempt at Crocheting Clothes

My First Attempt at Crocheting Clothes I have been crocheting for 35 years, but I have never created any cloths other than doll cloths. So I decided to get brave and try making a dress with thread, so my husband bought me the new crochet magazine and I picked one of the dresses and started […]

Burgundy Tablecloth 1

Burgundy Pineapple Tablecloth

Burgundy Pineapple Tablecloth My Great-grandmother had this beautiful tablecloth that had been crocheted for her when I was a little girl, and is one of the few things that I have from her. I love the pattern of this tablecloth and have looked everywhere for the pattern. Can’t find it… I got brave and sat […]