Blue Dress Back 3

Dress WIP Update with pictures

Purple Dress 1

Purple Dress 2

Well I have now torn out the purple dress for about the 5th time….it’s amazing how even though I have been crocheting for almost 35 years, when it comes to creating clothes I’m a total novice again. When I compared the purple dress to the blue and realized how badly I was off on my gauge I tore it apart.

The purple was WAY smaller…it might have fit a small pre-teen.

I’m left-handed, and when I learned to crochet I really never learned anything about gauge…well I am now.

I am making progress on a blue dress that I decided to make from the same pattern with a different kind of yarn. It is over half way done, I’m amazed at how this is turning out.

I have tested the gauge…I think the blue will fit, it might be a bit to big. I can’t wait until I can try the new dress on. I will start the cotton one as soon as I finish the blue dress. Here are the pictures of my blue one. Sorry about the pictures, my camera was acting up.

Blue Dress Front 1

Blue Dress Back 1

Blue Dress Back 2

Blue Dress Back 3