Newsletter Subscribers

I’m in the process of changing where I keep my e-mail list and how I write my newsletter.
I will let everyone know when I get this taken care of. Until then I will be taking a break from the newsletter, not the pattern drawing, but the letter itself.


I have been unable to get to my Mailchimp dashboard since they did the upgrade to the service. I have contacted them and tried what they said, and that helped to get me into the site once. However they have become a major hassle and time drain so I will be doing things differently. I’m very tired of this so I’m looking for other options.


I think I will be going with a WordPress plugin, or that seems to be the option that I’m most interested in.


Do you have any recommendations, tips or tricks on managing your email list and newsletters? PLEASE leave any that you use in the comments, I can use all the help I can get.