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Embarrassed Chimp

Shop Page Lessons Learned

Well every time I think that I’m getting the hang of building this website I find another area I messed up on. At least I take each mistake as a lesson learned. I had the idea that on my shop page you could pick the different categories to go through the product list instead of […]

Reading “The In-Between” by Jeff Goins

In the last year I have read a lot of self-help and self-improvement books. It goes along with the major changes that have been occurring in my life. New marriage New life Started my own business Teaching myself to do webdesign Learning all the things that go along with being an entrepreneur Learning to believe […]

Update on 30 Day Challenge

Update for my challenge….btw I’m the work in progress. I have done pretty good on using the calendar, and am seeing improvements in my posting, and writing ability. It seems to be keeping me on track with my posting.   However….I’m not doing nearly as well on the writing everyday, although I’m averaging half-hour a […]

Newsletter Subscribers

I’m in the process of changing where I keep my e-mail list and how I write my newsletter. I will let everyone know when I get this taken care of. Until then I will be taking a break from the newsletter, not the pattern drawing, but the letter itself.   I have been unable to […]