Blue Rags

Testing Stitch Patterns

I love cotton yarn wash rags. I didn’t discover that until I quit smoking over a year ago. LOL the way that I quit smoking was by keeping my hands busy crochet.

One thing I didn’t know is they get old and no longer scrub as well as they start out. That’s the reason I love these rags, they do the scrubbing for you. Well, they get old, so I decided to test out some of the lovely stitch patterns that I have been working on.

So I have been busily crocheting rags, and boy do they crochet quickly. I will be adding the rag patterns onto the website latter.

I’m also cheep so what I do is buy a lot of my cotton thread at thrift stores and garage sales. So some of the coloring gets interesting, I just tie the thread together and keep going. Great way to use up yarn and crochet on the cheep.

Blue Rags

Rags 2

Rags 3