Bandit on the 33" Coffee table

When Ferrets Attack

Dude my first ferret

Dude my first ferret

When Ferrets Attack!!!!

I have had ferrets for over 3 years, or at least one ferret, Dude. I also knew that Dude liked to play in my blankets and yarn, but he had never caused any damage to my projects or even completed blankets.

Well Dude was getting old and lonely, so I put an ad on Craigslist saying that I was looking for a friend or two for my ferret. I got lucky, and had a woman offer me 2 ferrets within the day, and that night my husband and I went down to pick up the new babies. A 5 yr old male, Bandit, and a 3yr old female, Sasha. I also got them because I knew that my time with Dude was limited, he was 8yrs old, and most ferrets only live to be 6yrs.

Sasha my female ferret

Sasha my female ferret

Bandit my other ferret male

Bandit my big boy

Bandit on the 33" Coffee table

Bandit on the 33″ Coffee table

Sasha is FAST so trying to get pictures is interesting.

Anyways I have been working on the Canadian Flag Tunisian pattern for my son, and thought that I would be doing a blog post about completing it since I was 3/4 of the way done when I brought the 2 new ferrets home.

WOOT…right?? Not so much. Seems that Bandit, who is the biggest ferret I have ever seen with the biggest fangs LIKES yarn. I had almost completed the maple leaf on the flag, and Bandit chewed a whole over about 10 rows back 90 rows. I had to tear out 90 rows…..almost strung my ferret up by his little toes, dang it.

I have learned my lesson all crochet is not keep in covered plastic tubs, and I’m trying to get my stash of yarn in tubs too so he won’t eat it.

I have also taken a break from the blanket, probably until it cools down in the states, and have went to testing a tablecloth pattern I wrote and crocheting a lace dress. I will blog about these latter.

Oh, here are the pictures of the tub that I keep the blanket in and what the blanket looks like AFTER I pulled out the blanket down to the whole.

Tub with Ty's blanket

Tub with Ty’s blanket, have to keep lid on it

Ty's Blanket 1

Ty’s Blanket 1

Ty's Blanket 2

Ty’s Blanket 2

Ty's Blanket 3

Ty’s Blanket 3