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In Progress Angle Tweety 1

Angel Tweety Blanket Progress

I have started the large angel tweety blanket a few weeks ago…when I finished the Canadian Flag blanket. Baby decided to join the party, my little dog. I’m doing the larger pattern, because I plan on using it on my queen sized bed when I complete it. This is the most complex picture blanket I […]

Update on 30 Day Challenge

Update for my challenge….btw I’m the work in progress. I have done pretty good on using the calendar, and am seeing improvements in my posting, and writing ability. It seems to be keeping me on track with my posting.   However….I’m not doing nearly as well on the writing everyday, although I’m averaging half-hour a […]

Blue Dress Back 3

Dress WIP Update with pictures

Well I have now torn out the purple dress for about the 5th time….it’s amazing how even though I have been crocheting for almost 35 years, when it comes to creating clothes I’m a total novice again. When I compared the purple dress to the blue and realized how badly I was off on my […]

My First Attempt at Crocheting Clothes

My First Attempt at Crocheting Clothes I have been crocheting for 35 years, but I have never created any cloths other than doll cloths. So I decided to get brave and try making a dress with thread, so my husband bought me the new crochet magazine and I picked one of the dresses and started […]

Burgundy Tablecloth 1

Burgundy Pineapple Tablecloth

Burgundy Pineapple Tablecloth My Great-grandmother had this beautiful tablecloth that had been crocheted for her when I was a little girl, and is one of the few things that I have from her. I love the pattern of this tablecloth and have looked everywhere for the pattern. Can’t find it… I got brave and sat […]