Canadian Flag Blanket

Canadian flag 197x295
Canadian flag 197×295

I finally completed the Canadian Flag blanket for my son, after my new ferret ate the blanket and I had to re-do over 90 rows. LOL I will never forget this blanket.

It’s the first blanket I have made for my step-son, and it was eaten by the ferret.

My step-son instead of sleeping with the blanket has it posted on his wall like a poster…Guess he likes it. He’s 16 and at that stage that he doesn’t much like his parents let alone a new step-mom…Oh well.

I will be posting pictures latter.


Tweety Angel Wings 303x345_mini
Tweety Angel Wings 303x345_mini

I have also started working on the larger Angel Tweety pattern…I will post pictures of both blankets later. I’m making the wings blue and the background purple.