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Crochet Diagram

Crochet Diagrams for Left Hand

When I first saw crochet diagrams I thought that they would be really difficult for me to use since I’m left-handed. I have been very surprised to find out that I don’t see any difference in how I read them. Maybe because I learned to crochet from a right-handed person, but I just follow the […]

How to Read Pattern

How to read my Tunisian Graph pattern

I have had several people ask me about this so I thought I would blog about it, that way the information is there for everyone. I am horrible about knowing how much yarn I actually use. I have a huge stash of yarn that I use, and I don’t keep track of how much I […]

Color Changing Tunisian Simple Stitch

Color Changing Tunisian Simple Stitch I have scoured the net to bring you links and tutorials on how to change colors with the Tunisian simple stitch. I’m not doing a separate post for right vs. left handed people, because its pretty much the same for both. This is a link that I had bookmarked when […]

Tips-Tricks for Tunisian Crochet

My tips and tricks for Tunisian Crochet Color Changing Tips:      I do things a little differently that most of the tutorials tell you when changing colors. I don’t do all the fancy stuff to tie in a new color, I just tie a knot on the string where I’m adding. I always worry about […]

Links for how to Tunisian Simple Stitch for Left-handed

Being left handed I know how difficult it can be to learn new stitches, so I’m going to try to save you some work and give you some links to learn how to do the TSS. I will have both video links and links to written instructions with pictures. I love the fact that I’m […]

Some links for How to do Tunisian simple stitch for right handers

Here are a few links on learning how to do the Tunisian simple stitch. I’m only putting three links up for now, I will be adding more latter this week, so check back with me. How to do Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS) By Rachel Choi This tutorial at the crochet blogspot is very good, has […]