My First Attempt at Crocheting Clothes

My First Attempt at Crocheting Clothes

I have been crocheting for 35 years, but I have never created any cloths other than doll cloths. So I decided to get brave and try making a dress with thread, so my husband bought me the new crochet magazine and I picked one of the dresses and started it.

Oh and my first attempt at a dress is at expert level, I never do things the easy way, to boring.

I’m really tiny, like size 0. So I decided that I would use a smaller needle than what they asked for. Now keep in mind I crochet really tight, and usually have to go up at least 2 needle sizes to stay in gauge. But I thought I would try that and since I’m tiny it would be ok….Nope, not so much.

I was approximately half way done with the dress and i discovered the dress is way to small, lol, so I’m re-starting and going to use the hook they call for. I fig that with as tight as I crochet, it should fit me and not be too big, so wish me luck.

I can’t wait, I’m making it out of my favorite color, Purple. I’ll post pictures as soon as I can get back to the point that I have something to take picture of.