New Patterns

Well I have been pretty busy creating new graph patterns and fixing the shop so you can search the patterns easier. I have created 6 new patterns with several sizes each.

Pretty Kitty 175x208

Baby Mickey 175x261
Baby Mickey 175×261
Pluto with Hearts 239x300
Pluto with Hearts 239×300
Baby Mickey Birthday Hat 212x275
Baby Mickey Birthday Hat 212×275
Sailor Mickey 200x280
Sailor Mickey 200×280
Sleepy Mickey 234x253
Sleepy Mickey 234×253

I have also been working on getting all the NFL teams done, and have a lot of them done but not all.

I have taken the answers to the survey and am trying to get some of the requests from that created. I have done 4 Mickey patterns and plan to make a couple more. I have several more pictures and will be adding even more patterns in the next week as I can get them created.

So far from the survey I have collected responses for people wanting:

  • Zoo animals-I do have some tigers done, and some other animals but will be working to add more so you will have a larger selection
  • Farm animals-gotta work on this one….I have pictures.
  • Large Mandala
  • Frogs
  • Owls
  • Foxes
  • Otters
  • Roses-I have a couple patterns for these
  • Bears-some, have a panda but will be designing more
  • Eagles
  • Wolves
  • Motorcycles

I have been doing my designing based on what I’m hearing from customers, and requests that I get. I would love to hear what you would like to have a graph pattern of or even what picture you would love to have on an afghan…Please let me know in the comments any additions I can make on designing.

I love hearing from you and do my best to create the patterns that people want. So please either leave a comment for me or complete the survey.