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Year in Review Post From Jetpack

Wow I guess I did more than I thought this year for anyone interested here’s the year in review from jet pack Year in Review from Jetpack.


Winterizing My Garden

I have come to learn this summer that I love gardening. I have been dreading the coming of winter because I won’t be able to garden….Told my husband this. Well him being wonderful, he has helped me bring parts of my garden inside…lol. He made shelves on the living room windows and has put screws […]

Reading “The In-Between” by Jeff Goins

In the last year I have read a lot of self-help and self-improvement books. It goes along with the major changes that have been occurring in my life. New marriage New life Started my own business Teaching myself to do webdesign Learning all the things that go along with being an entrepreneur Learning to believe […]

Update on 30 Day Challenge

Update for my challenge….btw I’m the work in progress. I have done pretty good on using the calendar, and am seeing improvements in my posting, and writing ability. It seems to be keeping me on track with my posting.   However….I’m not doing nearly as well on the writing everyday, although I’m averaging half-hour a […]

New plants 1

Expanding Garden

Since I have done so well with my roses I asked my husband to get me some crape myrtles and quince trees to try in my garden…I need to watch what I ask for lol. He got me about 14 different trees to start with…I have pictures of when we brought them home before we […]

Rose Update 3

Rose Garden Update

I have 15 rose plants and know that I was ableĀ  to save all of them, they are not only blooming, they are thriving. I have actually branched out in what I’m trying to grow, I love crape myrtles and I have planted several. I will have pictures and do a post on it. I’m […]

Knitting Needles

My Knitting Trauma

In spite of being traumatized as a child I have been considering picking up a set of knitting needles. Both for the honor of the woman who originally taught me to knit and looking at all the patterns, who would have known you could do so many pretty things with knit??? My Great-grandmother was a […]

Goal for 30 Days

My Goal for 30 Days There has been a lot of talk in the blogs about picking something to do or give up for 30 days. I thought I would jump on the band wagon. I think it’s a wonderful thing to do, especially for someone who is starting a new business, and blog. I […]