In the last year I have read a lot of self-help and self-improvement books. It goes along with the major changes that have been occurring in my life.

  • New marriage
  • New life
  • Started my own business
  • Teaching myself to do webdesign
  • Learning all the things that go along with being an entrepreneur
  • Learning to believe in me
  • How to be a life partner with someone who hasn’t given up, but lives every moment with joy
  • How to let go

Out of all the books I have read, The In-Between has touched me more than anything I have read…and I have averaged at least a full length book everyday.

Jeff Goins has eloquently phrased what has been on my mind since I divorced my first husband in 2007. Life that matters, the things that touch us….change us, occur in the quite moments when we least expect it. All we have to do is be open to experiencing these moments. We have to be open to the simple joy, simple moments that occur.

I had spent most of my life waiting for the next big thing. If I only worked hard enough and sacrificed enough, things would be AWESOME at some point….the problem with that is you miss all the things that make the present wonderful and memorable.

We spend so much time living in the future that we forget the simple and most profound things that occur in the present. The simple joy of playing with your children and watching them grow and learn, moments that will never occur again. Moments that most of us, including me for most of my life, waste and miss because we can’t wait for the next BIG thing to happen.

I read Jeff’s newsletter everyday, and love the things he talks about. His book has changed my thoughts, and my focus.

We all need to slow down and enjoy those quite moments and be open to the joy of the In-Between. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful book to encourage all of us to count the blessings, and prize the little things that make life wonderful.

Anyone who would like to check out Jeff and sign up for his newsletter here. You can also buy his book the In-Between here. You won’t regret it, it’s the best book I have read in a long time.

What lessons or memories changed you that you learned during the “In-Between” I would love to hear about them in the comments.