Shop Page Lessons Learned

Well every time I think that I’m getting the hang of building this website I find another area I messed up on. At least I take each mistake as a lesson learned.

I had the idea that on my shop page you could pick the different categories to go through the product list instead of searching through all the products.

Wrong….so I have to tell everyone who has checked out the site and all of my customers/clients that I’m sorry to make getting around the site so hard.

I have fixed my shop page so now I have links to all the different categories. Please if you discover a link that doesn’t work or any other problem, or you just find it hard to get around the site drop me an email, comment on the blog, anything. I can’t fix what I haven’t found yet.

I’m would love to hear what you think of the site…what am doing good on, where am I failing, please leave comments below. I would love to learn how I can better serve you.

2 thoughts on “Shop Page Lessons Learned”

  1. I’m having the same problems with the ecommerce section I’m trying to help a company with. They hire designers part time and we can’t seem to get anything done and our navigation is a mess. At least you can sort by products which is key for me.

    • Ya I have been trying to work on that but was showing a friend the site and figured out that you couldn’t find a product without going through all of the patterns…and no one wants to go through over a thousand patterns. So I spent part of yesterday and today fixing the problem

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