My Amazing Crochet Discovery

My Amazing Crochet Discovery!!!!

I have made the most amazing discovery on getting crochet supplies:

Thrift stores and Garage sales!

I would have never thought to look for crochet and crafting stuff at second hand place, I mean REALLY who would sell their stuff you would just have to buy more, right???

Well….you can find loads of wonderful pattern and yarn at thrift stores and garage sales. I have 4 times the supplies I did before I started doing this.

I now have a ENORMOUS pile of yarn, have had to get a second tub for all the crochet hooks I now have and all of these supplies I haven’t paid a tenth of what they would cost brand new.

I have a black garbage bag full of special yarn that costs $5 and up at the store.

Thread wise I have rolled all of it into balls because of storage space, I have almost a hope chest full.

I have boxes of new patterns and I don’t think I have even spent $100.00 on all of them total.

It’s amazing, I have always said you can never have too much thread…I’m now wondering. I told my husband he was gonna have to build me a room just for my yarn and crafting supplies.

Where have you found to be the best place to increase your crafting stash on the cheep, please comment I’m always looking for new places to find my supplies and love to hear from other crafters.

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  1. I live in a small town, so we don’t have a lot of thrift shops, but I know Goodwill will sometimes sell plastic bags of like 5 or 6 skeins for $2, which is a great deal…as long as you plan on using the yarn. 🙂

    • LOL there is no such thing as not using yarn in my house…I just have yarn I haven’t got to yet. I average like 10 Queen size blankets a year or more, so it takes a large supply to keep up. I also live in a small town but my husband and I go to garage sales and thrift stores every Saturday.

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