All the things to learn to Run a Small Business

I have been completely and utterly amazed at the shear amount of STUFF I need to learn to run a small business.

It’s overwhelming. I would have never thought you would need to learn so much or how long it takes to learn about business.

I started learning web design because I wanted to be able to sell my crochet patterns online. Weird way to start web design.

Now don’t get me wrong I have always liked computers, and been fascinated by them. But my real love is the ability to share crochet with others. I have said for most of my life if I could figure a way to make a living from my crocheted so I can stay home I will be one happy camper.

So back to the shear avalanche of STUFF you need to learn, it amazes me.

It takes much longer to get anything completed than you would think, like twice as long. For someone coming from a career in health care it is a very steep learning curve.

I’m challenged and committed to making my business a success but am now aware that the learning curve is steep.

Thank you for putting up with my random musings….I thought it would be cool to have a record of the learning and developing process for my business.

Maybe this will also help another person who is trying to start a small business.

2 thoughts on “All the things to learn to Run a Small Business”

  1. It can seem overwhelming in the beginning but if you just take one thing at a time it does help.
    Trying to sell patterns online is a first step in order to get a feel for your market. After this you can start thinking about they ‘business’ stuff. (Do check with your local government about licenses and stuff) 🙂

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