I have always felt that crochet is therapeutic, at least mentally, and is one of the major reasons that I always crochet. Other than just the pure love and joy the craft can give you.

Recently I have decided it makes good physical therapy too. I had an accident a couple years ago, motorcycle vs deer. We hit a deer pretty much head on, well when the bike was flipping I put my arm down so my face wouldn’t hit the deer and severely broke my right arm. I had to have surgery and 2 pins put through my wrist to stabilize the bone while it was healing.

The arm bone healed wonderfully but the wrist is another matter. I have discovered after the cast came off if I don’t crochet some every day I start to lose movement in the wrist.

So score another one for the joys of crocheting. The mental aspect is it helps me to think things through when I crochet, I also am unable to sit still long enough to watch a movie if I don’t crochet so that’s cool.

Crocheting also helped me quit smoking all 3 times that I quit. It’s a very productive way to keep your hands busy when you are dying for a cigarette.

In what ways do you find crocheting or any other craft therapy please let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear all about it.