Crochet Diagram

When I first saw crochet diagrams I thought that they would be really difficult for me to use since I’m left-handed. I have been very surprised to find out that I don’t see any difference in how I read them. Maybe because I learned to crochet from a right-handed person, but I just follow the diagram.

Crochet Diagram
Crochet Diagram

I just figure out where it starts and do the chains, reading the pattern, maybe I’m doing it weird. I have discovered I absolutely love the diagrams. I haven’t tried to do any of the circle patterns yet, but I don’t notice a difference in the row by row ones. I did look it up and you can flip the pattern or some programs will let you flip the pattern.

I would love to hear any way that you have to make reading diagrams easier for the left-handed or any other hints, tips or tricks; just let me know in the comments.

I will do a post as soon as I try a circular diagram.

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  1. im right handed never new how to crochet a logo on an afghan (Broncos) can u help me with that?

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