Dolphin Blanket Pictures

Three Playing Dolphins 168x212_mini
Three Playing Dolphins 168x212_mini
Dolphin Blanket 1
Drew’s Blanket 1
Dolphin Blanket 2
Drew’s Blanket 2
Dolphin Blanket 3
Drew’s Blanket 3
Dolphin Blanket 4
Drew’s Blanket 4
Dolphin Blanket 5
Drew’s Blanket 5

Dolphin Blanket:

This is the dolphin blanket that I made for one of my son’s, both the pattern picture and what the blanket actually looks like.

The thing that I love about the Tunisian simple stitch is how complex and beautiful your creations come out. I’m always amazed at how well the blankets come out, a lot of times they are better than the pattern picture.

For those of you who are following the blog, ya I’m doing a repeat of this post because I’m an idiot and keep over writing the web site, so have patience with me, lol. Though I think this post is much better than the first one, well practice does make perfect lol.

I’m going to be doing posts on all the blankets that I have done, and I would love to get pictures of any blankets that people make with my patterns. I’m going to create an area to display all the blankets so everyone can enjoy the beauty.

Well until next time, try to make the world beautiful.