Links for how to Tunisian Simple Stitch for Left-handed

Being left handed I know how difficult it can be to learn new stitches, so I’m going to try to save you some work and give you some links to learn how to do the TSS. I will have both video links and links to written instructions with pictures. I love the fact that I’m left-handed but it does make it interesting to try to learn new stitches….but gotta love the internet and google. I hope this will be helpful to all of you. Feel free to comment and add any links that you have used to learn this stitch.

A link for written instructions is at blog spot, this is for both leftys and right handed people. Instructions and pictures, for the left-handed examples you just have to roll over the pictures. You can find this article at How to Crochet: Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS) By Rachel Cho. This link is one that I used when teaching myself how to do the TSS, it is a wonderful tutorial, especially if you learn better by reading and looking at pictures.

Here is another video resource, this one is longer, it’s 17mins, but detailed. The video is produced by the Crochet Geek, Teresa Richardson. I’m also going to give you a link to her blog because she has several tutorials for left-handed crocheters. The Tunisian simple stitch video and the link to Crochet Geek.

Hope these help all of you left-handers out there. Just a real quick recap of the links:

  1. How to Crochet: Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS) By Rachel Cho written with picture that show left handed when rolled over

  2. Tunisian simple stitch video video done by the Crochet Geek and the link to the Crochet Geek that has other left handed directions

Have a wonderful day, talk to you next time, until then let’s make the world beautiful.