Knitting Needles
Knitting Needles

In spite of being traumatized as a child I have been considering picking up a set of knitting needles. Both for the honor of the woman who originally taught me to knit and looking at all the patterns, who would have known you could do so many pretty things with knit???

My Great-grandmother was a wonderful role model and teacher. She was completely blind, but didn’t let that stop her, she crochet and knitted all my life in spite of being blind.

She helped to teach me learn to crochet by feel, which was quite a feat with her being blind and right handed and me being left handed.

Every woman in my family did some form of crafting, mostly crochet, but none of us had picked up the art of knitting and she worried that none of her children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren would learn to knit.

So I figured why not, I could learn to knit and make my Grandmother, who I loved devotedly, happy. What could it hurt??? Boy was I in for a shock.

For 2 months I worked, knitted, and pulled it out because she kept telling me it was wrong. She didn’t understand how I was purling instead of knitting. You have to realize I would knit then tear the project out until I was almost in tears. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong I was doing opposite of what she had showed me, what could I possibly be doing wrong… worked for crocheting. I learned every stitch she taught me usually within a day.

One day we are working on it again and my Grandmother who is left handed walked in and said “Mom she’s left handed you need to turn it around”

I had been doing it right all along….I was so mad that I actually stuck the knitting needles in the wall when I threw them.

LOL I have never picked up a set of knitting needles since then, although lately I have been thinking of trying to knit again.