How to Read Pattern
How to Read Pattern
How to Read Pattern

I have had several people ask me about this so I thought I would blog about it, that way the information is there for everyone.

I am horrible about knowing how much yarn I actually use. I have a huge stash of yarn that I use, and I don’t keep track of how much I buy, or use. I don’t usually know how much yarn the blanket will take. My best advice for that is buy the approximate amount you would use for a similar size blanket and get extra. If you can I would double what you think you need if it is a dye-lot yarn, another thing that I try really hard to avoid.

The third page of my Patterns has a diagram to tell you how the pattern pages go. I use a cross stitch pattern to create my patterns so there are colors listed on the same page, but those colors are for embroidery floss, not yarn. So if you are using it to make a blanket, you won’t use those exact colors. I just use them as a general guide for picking my yarn.

On all the patterns you work from the last row to the first row. Left handed people have it easy we get to read the pattern from left to right, but if you are right handed you will work the pattern from right to left.

I’m going to list what both right & left handed people need to do to set the pattern up for you.

Also I put my patterns in a 3 ring binder, in plastic page protectors while I’m working on them, in the order that I need to read them for the blanket. When I finish each page I will put them in the back so only the row I’m currently working on is in the front.

So with the picture showing the graph of page numbers you would set your pattern up:


  1. You will do Page 5,10,15 first. I use extended hooks so I can work the complete blanket at once no mater how wide it is.
  2. Then 4,9,14
  3. 3,8,13
  4. 2,7,12
  5. 1,6,11

Right Handed you do the pages right to left:

  1. 15,10,5
  2. 14,9,4
  3. 13,8,3
  4. 12,7,2
  5. 11,6,1

That’s the way to set up my patterns.